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Alishan Halebian is one of the most original artists creating and pursuing his own vision in jewelry. Being a self-taught goldsmith, his treatment of precious metals is masterly. Using sophisticated techniques, he creates seemingly weightless pieces, capturing metallic beauty in a luxe look with textures set to thrill and inspire.

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Since 1999, Beverley K has been dedicated to crafting exquisite jewelry. Today, we have grown into a prominent brand among America’s finest retailers, known for our beautifully detailed styling, fine craftsmanship and superb customer service. New designs are continually introduced, keeping our collection fresh and relevant for your most discriminating clients. Owner Morrie Knopp is passionate about every facet of the business. His commitment to excellence has guided Beverley K into the fine quality brand it is today.

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Christopher Slowinski founded Christopher Designs in 1981. Born in Poland, Slowinski apprenticed under master jewelry craftsmen in his native country and in the United States.

Today, he combines his classic jewelry training with modern technology to create exclusive designs that include his patented Crisscut® stones.

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Every Doves piece begins with a pencil and a sketch board. As a designer, Doron combines 18 karat gold, diamonds and precious gemstones to create unique treasures His attention to detail produces dramatic creations, yet it’s his unrelenting pursuit of perfection that sets his designs apart from the pack.

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Emerson & Farrar is renowned for being a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on providing jewelry of the very highest quality and exceptional customer service.

Based on high standards, elegance, and imagination, Emerson & Farrar exudes craftsmanship by designing and producing beautiful pieces of jewelry and selling the most exquisitely curated selection of designer jewelry.

Our desire to house and handcraft a unique and extraordinary collection gives us a distinct aesthetic that sets us apart from any other boutique jewelry experience.

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George Sawyer

Inspired by a diverse array of influences—from ancient Japanese swordsmithing and sculpture techniques to the romance of bridges and the allure of motorcycles—the George Sawyer collection is artfully refined and supremely crafted.

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At once minimal and architectural, Ginette NY is designed with a strong, modern woman in mind. The collection is designed by Frédérique Dessemond—a native of Marseille, France who grew up at la Cite Radieuse surrounded by modernist architecture. Today, Ginette NY is known for contemporary 18K gold pieces that inspire women to express their power and individuality through jewelry.

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Inspired by the sensation of working with pure gold, Gurhan is a Turkish designer from New York who uses ancient metalsmithing techniques to craft jewelry from 24 karat gold. From his antiquities collection to more light and organic pieces, Gurhan explores the balance between an ancient craft and design for daily wear. Emerson & Farrar is proud to carry several items in our jewelry store.

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Heather B. Moore

A jewelry designer, glass-blower and metalworker, Heather B. Moore started this collection of customizable, stamped tags intended to tell stories and carry sentiments. Meant for custom designs, the tags come in various shapes and Moore uses a freehand stamping technique, where each letter is individually stamped into place.

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J & S Freeman

Jerry and Sharon Freeman and their son Zac are self-taught metalsmiths. From their hillside studio in Vermont they hand make 14 karat gold earrings. Made in classic and elliptic drop shapes, multiple-tier, and single hoops, the earrings are a striking addition to any woman’s everyday collection.

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The name Masriera is not only a synonym for artistic jewellery, but also much more: Catalan modernist jewellery, a world focussed on the symbolic trends of Art Nouveau. The name Masriera is completely inseparable from the artistic and cultural life in Barcelona in the last decades of the 19th century until the first decades of the 20th century.

Masriera’s jewels focus on floral, serpentine elements and feminine sensuality, but the true iconographic revolution came from the magical fusion between woman and nature, spawning the popular fairies, nymphs, naiads and insect-women.

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For over thirty years Mémoire has created exquisite diamond bands, wedding rings, and timeless diamond jewelry in 18K gold and platinum. Recognized for outstanding craftsmanship and design, Mémoire’s unwavering commitment to quality is the foundation of the company.

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Monica’s lifelong love of art, design and photography led her to become a fine art portrait photographer. The personal nature and heirloom quality of her portraits informed her interest in jewelry design and to the brand's singular creation and re-invention of lockets and charm oriented styles as modern heirlooms for a new generation. Today her collections are offered in her own boutiques in New York & Los Angeles, her lifestyle shop at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and over 100 fine jewelry and specialty stores.

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Todd Reed is an American artisanal luxury jewelry company renowned for creating works of art using recycled metals and sustainably-sourced raw and fancy-cut diamonds. Todd Reed creations are all one-of-a-kind, hand-forged and finished by master jewelers in the Boulder, CO studio. Todd Reed creates an alchemy of precious metals and stones that merge rugged natural beauty with refined sculptural elegance - Raw Elegance. It is a vision that fuses the iconoclastic spirit of an artist, the unwavering, hand-made ethos of an artisan, and the sustainable methods of a modern-day steward.

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Van Craeynest is proud to offer an oasis of design in a world that has forgotten the importance of knowing how to create jewelry from the inside out. The combination of original designs, along with the skills and knowledge to execute these designs, results in unsurpassed quality, enduring sentiment, and breathtaking jewelry.

Van Craeynest San Francisco pieces are die-struck and hand-crafted using old-world techniques and 100 year-old machines. Founded in 1926, Van Craeynest designs are inspired by the Art Deco and Art Nouveau eras that carry on the Van Craeynest Legacy.

Simply put, Van Craeynest is poetry in metal.

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