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The Best Way to Sell Your Used Jewelry in Palm Springs CA

For a jewelry enthusiast, it seems strange to want to sell any piece from your jewelry box. However, some of your pieces may have gotten broken at some point, so you can’t wear them anymore. Maybe there are pieces you no longer wear or were given to you as a present but are not to your taste. Whatever the reason to sell your jewelry in Palm Springs, CA, you surely want to get the best possible deal for it.

Here are some tips for getting the best out of selling your jewelry.

Try to be objective

There is jewelry that carries more sentimental than actual monetary value. For example, an antique ring left to you by a loving relative is no doubt a cherished possession. Unfortunately, its sentimental value does not necessarily translate into an outstanding deal. While it’s possible to achieve an excellent price, sometimes even higher than what the piece originally cost, it’s better to be objective and realistic.

Have the jewelry evaluated

Before you set about looking for the best resale deals for your unwanted jewelry, try to estimate the actual worth of the piece. You can search for similar items in completed auctions on eBay and see what they sold for. It wouldn’t hurt to account for a lower price, just to avoid the disappointment.

Taking the jewelry for a professional appraisal would be the best option. Search for trusted jewelry stores and dealers to whom you can also sell jewelry in Palm Springs, CA. Make sure they have graduate gemologists and qualified estate buyers on staff. These are unbiased professionals and jewelry enthusiasts themselves. They are often ready to go an extra mile and offer a phenomenal price for an antique, vintage or handcrafted piece.

Prepare the jewelry for sale

Just like you would probably remodel your house to boost its resale value, it’s a good idea to have the jewelry properly prepared for the sale. In most cases, you should only have it cleaned, either by a professional or by you. For example, diamond rings can be easily cleaned with a soft brush and mild soap to regain its luster. For more delicate pieces containing pearls or other gentler stones, you should visit a jeweler to have it professionally cleaned, to be on the safe side.

Sell it to a reliable jeweler in Palm Springs CA

While you may have thought of selling the jewelry online, selling it in person has so many more benefits. Safety is the first and most important one. You can visit several brick-and-mortar jewelry stores and pick the one you find the most trustworthy. Rely on the word-of-mouth – ask your family, friends or neighbors to recommend a jeweler they sold their jewelry to.

What’s more, some jewelry stores give you the opportunity to trade in your jewelry toward a new purchase. Some jewelers also create their own jewelry, so they are willing to give you an excellent price for used and even broken jewelry they could later melt down and use for jewelry making.

Emerson & Farrar: The #1 Place to Sell Jewelry in Palm Springs

Emerson & Farrar offers highly competitive prices for signed jewelry by brands such as Tiffany & Co, Cartier and Buccellati, as well as 19th and 20th century period pieces. What’s more, you can even sell your unwanted jewelry toward a custom design. We can melt the piece and create an item that will be 100% your taste and style.

Visit us in store in Palm Springs and see why we are the best dealer to sell your jewelry to!



  • 16 Jan, 2018
  • Written by Emerson Farrar